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Filmmaker. Photographer. Storyteller. 

This is my story. 

My name is Albert but my family and childhood friends call me "Chico", named after my grandfather. I was born and raised in the Philippines, where the culture and stunning landscapes pieced together the lens that captures my world.
I grew up immersed in two diverse cultures: 13,544km apart to be exact. I believe that my upbringing has taught me to embrace all the different qualities and cultural nuances that make me a third-culture kid. 

My professional odyssey began as a drone operator for Asian Air Safari, delving into the realm of unique flying and travel adventures. Embracing my passion, I continued as a freelance Cinematographer and Editor at Votary Films while pursuing my studies at Emerson College in Boston.
In May 2018, I embarked on one of my greatest artistic challenges. I travelled to Haiti for one-week to direct and shoot "Florise: The Beauty of Haiti". This short documentary, a celebration of its people, landscapes, and culture through the eyes of a 15-year-old girl, captivated audiences worldwide, earning First Prize at the Haiti International Film Festival.

My journey expanded across Europe, working and living in Tuscany for 3 years as Video Producer as Lionard Luxury Real Estate, the leading luxury real estate agency in Italy aiding the sales of multimillion dollar homes. The fruits of my labor have graced prestigious platforms such as Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic, and BACCALA. 

Now anchored outside Florence, my passion for the arts continues to unfold as I help others tell their stories. Let's craft your narrative and embark on a visual journey together.
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+39 371 480 5619

Florence, Italy | P.IVA 07330000485

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